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My first experience with Martial Arts commenced at the age of seven with karate. By the age of eleven I had also joined a boxing club, and spent many years enjoying both disciplines.

My Wing Chun training began in 2004 at a school in the South Essex area, and although I developed an instant passion for Wing Chun, I eventually realised there was much more to the system than I was being given access to and also found many reasons to doubt what I was being taught!

However, in 2011, I was given the opportunity to meet with Sifu Garry McKenzie who answered my ever growing list of queries, leaving me with no further doubt. At that point I was accepted as a student of TWCS.

Since then I have attended a number of seminars and passed my lower and upper Siu Nim Tao levels.

Currently I am assistant instructor at TWCS children's classes in Hackney. I am looking forward to the opening of my own children's classes in Wickford in September 2014.

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