Sifu Asif Ali

Sifu Asif Ali
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Goodmayes Barking

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For private lessons, small groups both children and adults

Like so many I began my training in Wing Chun after watching Bruce Lee films. At that time there was no You Tube footage of Sifus training/teaching and trying to find a good instructor was not easy.

I persevered in learning Wing Chun from a Sifu and supplemented my learning with books, videos ,magazines and seminars from a number of different instructors. However, I found my training was not improving and I wanted to properly learn the complete Wing Chun system. I realised than that I needed to find a good Sifu who had strong lineage, knew the complete system and delivered a structured syllabus.

By chance I came across Sifu Garry McKenzie in 2001 conducting a class in Barking which I went along to watch. I was so impressed with Sifu's knowledge and his training methods that I started the following week. As they say the rest is history.

With Sifu's patience and the help of my Sihings and fellow students I have been successful in completing the Wing Chun system. Now I strive to further increase my knowledge and improve my skills.

I have been fortunate to have been able to accompany Sifu to Hong Kong to train and meet with my Si Gung Ip Ching, Grandmaster Ip Chun, the late Grand Master Tsui Sheung Tin, Grand Master Wan Kam Leung and Sifu Patrick Leung. I have also accompanied Sifu to Norway to assist in seminars and training sessions at our Norwegian branch.

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