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Sifu Bilal Brako
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Private tuition for students and small groups available.

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In 1993 Sifu Bilal Brako began his path to Martial Arts, under Grandmaster Mohammad Ayoub of the I Chi Chun 18 Golden Classics School of Shaolin Northern and Southern Kung Fu. His studies included a range of specialist areas including Shaolin Fist, Two Dimension Foot Boxing and Snake Fist.

Sifu Bilal's training was completed under strict regimes enabling him to take part in full contact competitions throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. On completing his fourth degree black belt, Sifu Bilal began instructing individuals and small groups of students.

Sifu Bilal has over 15 years experience in the security industry and is currently the head of security operations base in London. Sifu Bilal has also been involved in close protection works, which lead him to study the art of KALI under Master Ermar Alexander of Doce Pares UK.

Sifu Bilal began his Wing Chun training as a private student of Sifu Garry McKenzie in 2005. He has completed the Wing Chun School system and continues to refine his understanding of the art under his Sifu's support and strict guidance. Sifu Bilal has also assisted Sifu Garry McKenzie with seminars and demonstrations in the UK, Hong Kong and Fatsan, China.

Being a part of the Wing Chun school family, Sifu Bilal has had the privilege of meeting many Sifu's and Grandmasters including Grandmaster Ip Ching, Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung, Grandmaster Chau Lin Fat, Sifu Buick Yip, Grandmaster Hawkins Cheung, Sifu Kong Chi Keung, Sifu Sam Lau, Sifu John Wong and many others.

Sifu Bilal's main objective is to promote and spread the true combative nature of Wing Chun across Africa, the Middle East and Europe and particularly within the security services and law enforcement agencies.

Sifu Bilal currently holds small group sessions and private tuition for individuals. He also welcomes those who are interested and willing to patiently learn to the South Bank University Sport Academy.

Sifu Bilal is a licensed member of the Amateur Martial Art Association (A.M.A) in the UK and is a permanent member of Grandmaster Yip Man VingTsun Athletic Association (VTAA).

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