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Sifu David Boungnang
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Private and small group tuition available.

Sifu David Boungnang runs The Wing Chun School Forest Gate branch. David first started his martial arts training in judo aged 7 and then later on karate at age 8, but having moved to various places his training was postponed. It was later at 14 years old that he was introduced to Sifu Garry McKenzie through Sifu Alan Singhavara. Since then he has since remained closely under the tutelage of Sifu Garry McKenzie, training in classes and private tuition.

Training regularly, with the help of Sifu Garry McKenzie and many Gung Fu brothers, David completed the four gradings (Core Syllabus) becoming the youngest person to do so. Upon the completion of the whole syllabus aged 19 he earned the title instructor and began teaching privately. David has been involved with various demonstrations in Hong Kong (2nd World Wing Chun Conference), China, Norway, and many places throughout the UK. These demonstrations sole purpose has been to consistently promote the art for Self-Defence and not for entertainment purposes.

David has been fortunate enough to meet Si Gung (Grandmaster Ip Ching) as well as other grandmasters such as Ip Chun, Tsui Seung Ting, Wan Kam Leung along with many other teachers.

David also runs Bou Combat Conditioning which is closely connected to the way we train our Wing Chun. Through these basic practices David has always kept his focus on Self-Defence using the art of Wing Chun in combat.


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Sifu David & Sifu Dawud

Sifu David & Sifu Dawud - Training

Sifu David

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Sifu David

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