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Sifu Jabed Abu Hanif

Sifu Jabed Abu Hanif
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Forest Gate

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Forest gate, E7 0NJ


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A family friend first introduced me to Wing Chun Kung Fu, in September 2010. At that time I had been confronted by some challenging situations and decided to take up Wing Chun training under Sifu Garry McKenzie. Within the first few months of training Sifu Garry McKenzie accepted me as his student and encouraged me to further my training and visit Hong Kong. During my visit to Hong Kong I was fortunate to meet a number of Sifus and Grandmasters including my Si Gung Ip Ching, Grand master Tsui Seung Ting, Grand Master Wan Kam Leung and Sifu Patrick Leung. Ialso had the opportunity to attend a seminar conducted by Si Gung Ip Ching solely for The Wing Chun School.

In 2011 Sifu invited me to become an apprentice with the aim of teaching both adults and children.

In 2012 I began assisting in the children's class at the Headquarters as well as teaching at after school clubs in a number of Primary Schools.

In 2013 Sifu gave me permission to commence my adult and children's class in Forest Gate.

At present I am one of the senior assistant instructors at the HQ. I am also responsible for the general upkeep of the HQ. I have assisted in numerous seminars conducted by my Sifu and participated in a range of demonstrations. I currently support my fellow sifus and instructors by covering their lessons in their absence.

I offer both private and class sessions for both children and adults (please see website).

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