Sifu Kola Fajimolu

Sifu Kola Fajimolu
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Oasisa Academy South St, Enfield, EN3 4PX

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St. John's Hall, Bourne Hill, Palmers Green, Enfield, London, N13 4DA


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Adults class
7.00pm - 9.00pm

7.00pm - 9.00pm

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Tuesday: Main Hall
7.00pm - 8:00pm

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Sifu Kola has been involved in martial arts since 1984. He first commenced with Karate and then continued to experiment with other various styles such as Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing and Boxing before concentrating on Wing Chun.

He has trained exclusively with Sifu Garry McKenzie for 18 years and became his main Si Hing for 7 years at the head quarters in Hackney.

He has honed his skills by entering tournaments and through personal self-defence experiences in the back streets of Hackney. Many of his Wing Chun skills were tested when entering Kick Boxing and Boxing tournaments. His excellent fighting skills awarded him the undefeated Heavyweight East Anglian championship in 2001.

During Sifu Kola's earlier career, as a senior student, he has risen to the challenges directed at The Wing Chun School. Ensuring that all challenges were dealt with, some has led to life time friendships and others lessons in life.

In order to broaden his depth of knowledge and training in Wing Chun Sifu Kola has travelled to Hong Kong and has had the valuable opportunity to meet with Sifu Patrick Leung, Grandmasters Wan Kam Leung, Tsui Seung Tin, Ip Chun and his Si Gung, Ip Ching.

Whilst in Hong Kong 2005, he participated as part of The Wing Chun School team in a stage demonstration at the second Ving Tsun Athletic Association Conference, and also in a demonstration at the Ching Woo Athletic Association, China.

In 2006 Sifu Kola also had the opportunity along with Sifu David McKenzie to demonstrate Wing Chun to a group of students at the Hong Kong City University. He is now a recognised lifetime member of the Ving Tsun Athlectic Association.

Sifu Kola has also travelled extensively to Norway to train with his fellow Norwegian students and to assist Sifu Garry McKenzie with seminars.

He both trains and assists at the Hackney Head Quarters and now runs his own school in Palmers Green, North London.


Sifu Kola

Sifu Kola - Profile video - Enfield 2
Profile video - Enfield 2

Sifu Kola

Sifu Kola - Profile video - Enfield
Profile video - Enfield

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