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Garry McKenzie Sifu, A.K.A Abdul Malik and Ma Ga Lik, is a direct student of GrandMaster Ip Ching,
and Chief Instructor of The Wing Chun School.

Sifu Garry teaches at the Headquarters in Hackney, North - East London, and also teaches privately. His Martial Arts training began in 1976 with Tae Kwon Do, and then later Western Boxing. He began training in Wing Chun in 1982 at the age of 17, at the Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy. By 1985 he was already assistant instructor at the headquarters in Albany Street London NW1, and represented the Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy in a number of demonstrations and seminars in London and abroad. In 1987 Sifu Garry opened his first school under the Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy, followed by another in Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire, England.

1990 was a turning point in his Wing Chun career & The Wing Chun School was born, and in 1994 Sifu Garry started his studies of the Cantonese dialect of Chinese, which brought him into contact with a number of visiting Wing Chun Masters who could not speak English. This led to invitations to train in Hong Kong where he completed his training in Ip Man's Ving Tsun Kung Fu under the tutelage of Grand Master Ip Ching, son of Great Grand Master Ip Man.

In June 1999 Sifu Garry was awarded an Honorary Degree by the University of Salford, and in November of that year he represented the Ving Tsun Athletic Association performing demonstrations at the 1st World Wing Chun Conference held in Fatsan, China.

In November 2002, Sifu Garry was invited to the Grand Opening of the Ip Man Tong ( Hall Museum ), in Fatsan, China, homeland of our Beloved art form. With a team of students and assistant instructors, he was invited to put on a display of Wing Chun in front of the distinguished guests and locals. He was also invited to give a speech as part of the Opening Ceremony, which he gave in Cantonese.

Sifu Garry McKenzie is a Permanent Honorary Member of the Ip Man Tong, Permanent Member of the Ip Chun Wing Chun Academy, Permanent Member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association, and has completed and is Certified in Ip Man Wing Chun under the tutelage of Grand Master Ip Ching.

In 2003, COMBAT magazine awarded Sifu Garry with a Hall of Fame award, in recognition of his Commitment and Devotion to the Development of Martial Arts in the United Kingdom and around the World. Sifu Garry also featured on the Channel 5 show 'Combat Club' in 2004, where he gave Wing Chun instruction to a group of children in the basics of Wing Chun. As well as trips to Norway several times a year to give seminars & workshops to the Norweigan branch of the Wing Chun School, he also visits Hong Kong & Fatsan, China every year to continue his research of Wing Chun.

2005 was the year of the 2nd Wing Chun World Conference which was held in Hong Kong and ended in Fatsan, China. Garry McKenzie Sifu was invited back, this time with a team of Assistant Instructors and students, totalling almost 30, and was asked to put on a demonstration both in Hong Kong at the conference and then at Fatsan for the Jing Mo Athletic Association. Garry McKenzie Sifu was one of the few Wing Chun Masters invited to present a seminar which was well received.

In 2006 Garry McKenzie Sifu appeared on The Islam Channel twice, explaining the practical application of the Wing Chun System and it's benefits for children.

In April 2007, Emel magazine featured Garry McKenzie Sifu and the Wing Chun School. The article can be viewed here.

June 2007 saw Garry McKenzie Sifu appear on Channel 4's sister channel, More 4, and at the end of June was invited to appear on the BBC and Digital Radio.


The aim of REAL Combat is strike first and strike last

The aim of REAL Combat is strike first and strike last -

TWCS Children's Class

TWCS Children
Be The Best That You Can Be

Wall Bag Training 2

Wall Bag Training 2 -

Wall Bag Training 1

Wall Bag Training 1 -

Short Distance Power

Short Distance Power  -

Inch Power Training

Inch Power Training -

Have The Heart To Learn

Have The Heart To Learn  -

Power is King

Power is King -

Training - Chi sau

Training - Chi sau -



4th Wing chun gathering

4th Wing chun gathering - Garry Mckenzie - Purpose of Chi Sau.
Garry Mckenzie - Purpose of Chi Sau.

3rd Wing Chun Gathering

3rd Wing Chun Gathering - Sifu Garry Mckenzie
Sifu Garry Mckenzie

1st Wing Chun Gathering

1st Wing Chun Gathering - Sifu Garry Mckenzie
Sifu Garry Mckenzie

Sifu Garry McKenzie

Sifu Garry McKenzie - Warming Up
Warming Up

Luk Dim Boon Gwun

Luk Dim Boon Gwun - Six and a half point pole
Six and a half point pole

Baat Jamm Do

Baat Jamm Do - Eight chopping/slashing knives
Eight chopping/slashing knives

Muk Yan Jong

Muk Yan Jong - Wooden dummy
Wooden dummy

Biu Tze

Biu Tze - 3rd form (darting fingers)
3rd form (darting fingers)

Chum Kiu

Chum Kiu - 2nd form (seeking the bridge)
2nd form (seeking the bridge)

Siu Nim Tao

Siu Nim Tao  - 1st form (Little idea)
1st form (Little idea)

Sifu Garry

Sifu Garry - Profile video
Profile video

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