Children's Classes

The Wing Chun School Children's Classes

Although considered a sophisticated art form, the Wing Chun School has adapted a curriculum suitable for children from the age of four to fourteen years old. At age fourteen the child can (with the parents consent) opt for the adult classes.

Therefore the Wing Chun School believes while it is never too late to learn, the sooner one begins the better the learning process will be.

Our young students are a further extension of our school and the Wing Chun family, so they are treated with the same respect as the adults and taught to return that same respect to others.

They will learn self confidence, self discipline, self control and self defence.

They will also learn the promotion of non violent solutions to conflict, and we help them to understand this through discussion and role play.

Encouragement and praise are enforced in our schools with added incentives for good performance in training and grading.

We believe that our children's program not only produces better pupils in secular education but also better members of society. We aim to provide our young students with ability to resist destructive peer pressure through self discipline.

With all this in mind at the Wing Chun School the safety of our students is paramount so we feel our Children's program is a life skill that can be utilised in today's society.

Classes, group and private tuition are all available with this service. We currently have three branches with dedicated children's classes: the Hackney branch, the Ilford branch, and the Chingford branch, and class information is available on the Branches page , along with contact information for other Wing Chun School Sifu's who hold private and small group lessons for children.

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