Hong Kong China & Norway

The Wing Chun School in Hong Kong, China & Norway The Wing Chun School (TWCS) offers its members only the opportunity to visit Hong Kong, China and Norway.

Sifu Garry McKenzie at Hong Kong harbour
Chum Kui training at Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

Hong Kong & China

Each day usually begins with the students meeting together for breakfast followed by a couple of hours training in Kowloon Park

Si Gung and Roger play Chi Sau

Hong Kong & China

Students also meet with various Grandmasters, train at The Ving Tsun Athletic Association and have the opportunity to participate in private seminars with their Si Gung, Grandmaster Ip Ching.

Sifu Kola in conversation with others at the Ip Man Tong

Hong Kong & China

We also visit Fatsan China, the birth place of Wing Chun. There are a number of sights to visit such as the Ip Man Tong (museum) & The Jo (Ancestral Temple). Students also shop at Ha Chi Shihng's martial arts shop for equipment and artefacts.

Waiting for a train heading to Sifu Frodes School in Hokksund, Norway


Our branches in Norway give students the opportunity to travel and train with their fellow students.

Group shot at Oslo School, Norway


Branches in Norway are also well equipped and promote our friendly family atmosphere.

Seminar at Sifu Vidars school Oslo, Norway


Sifu Garry McKenzie travels often with groups to conduct seminars that are very popular and well attended by students from both Norway and the UK.

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