The Wing Chun School Frequently Asked Questions

Sifu David performs Siu Nim Tau

Sifu David performs Siu Nim Tau

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing Chun is an expression of concepts based on two key principles; economy of motion and conservation of energy. It is a scientific system which uses physics, geometry and mathematics to strategise Wing Chun combat. Its origins lie in the Shoalin Temples but it is famed for its development in Fatsan, China and Hong Kong.

What is meant by 'traditional, modified, classical and authentic'?

Traditional means to use older methods rather than modern. Modified is to change something slightly in order to improve it. Classical means traditional in style, form and content. Authentic means real and genuine.

Hence just The Wing Chun School since all of the above are just personal interpretation. Also the school does not bear any instructor's name, since we did not create the art form.

How long will it take to learn?

A life time!!! But five minutes to give up. This is why Wing Chun is for everyone but not everyone can do it. Discipline, dedication, and determination are required.

What is the purpose of Wing Chun?

Although there are many benefits to practising Wing Chun e.g health, fitness and vitality we must not digress from its real purpose which is SELF-DEFENCE. Training should reflect the seriousness of this undertaking. This is why The Wing Chun School covers all aspects of Wing Chun training.

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